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Johnny Midnite Steak Sauces started in Buffalo, Wyoming in the early 1980s. Since then it has grown to become a part of the Wahoo Toppings line (Johnny Midnite's sweet counterpart). What began as a venture to bottle a local steakhouse's beloved sauces grew to include a line of popular syrups, such as our 100% chokecherry syrup and unique cream syrups.

Throughout the company's nearly 40 years in business, expansion has also included a variety of jams and jellies ranging from classic, sweet flavors; to an assortment of jalapeño jams that are sure to knock your socks off. More recent additions include Buffalo BBQ sauces, award-winning hot sauces, and a selection of spice rubs that will add flavor to any kitchen.

Here at Wahoo Toppings, we are proud of our hometown, Wyoming, heritage and those in our small community that have supported and been our fans through the years. We are also a family oriented company, where we believe family comes first, and we consider our customers family.

Current owners, Chris and Laurin Roberts, are determined to maintain the high standard of excellence and consistency that Wahoo Toppings/Johnny Midnite fans have come to expect.

Laurin grew up in Buffalo and in a household where Wahoo Toppings products were a staple. Her love of the toppings, especially the Johnny Midnite Black Peppercorn Steak Sauce, passed on to Chris (a self-proclaimed sauce connoisseur) and he quickly fell in love (whether or not it was with Laurin or the sauces remains to be seen). When the chance to own their favorite company came up, they jumped at the opportunity. They firmly believe the quality and taste of Wahoo Toppings/Johnny Midnite are superior to comparable products. The couple is excited to be a part of such a great company and tradition. Chris and Laurin currently reside in Casper, Wyoming with their two sons.